Founded in 2022, "Just Tech It" is a Part of PuzZled Creation, a Content Creation Company that creates Tech related content across its online, mobile, and social channels. Our Instagram Handles and YouTube Channels are further Divided into Hindi & English ie. Just Tech It Hindi for Hindi Audience and Just Tech It English for English Audience. These Pages & Channels provide Technical Hacks and Important Tools related to PC, Smartphones & other gadgets that makes Daily Life Easier. Hence, this Website is also Part of our Just Tech It initiative. Our wide and prolific distribution network built across social media drives over 1M impressions monthly.

Our Mission

We are here to make your lives easier. We believe that technology should be easy, accessible, and affordable. That's why we've created Just Tech It—a company that is helping people to understand their gadgets, software, and applications in order for them to be confident when using them. We are helping people to embrace technology with confidence and save time on the things that they do not know how to do. Our goal is simple: help people avoid getting stuck by making sure they have access to all the knowledge and resources they need.